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Time is money

Totally eliminate the burden of complex spreadsheets with the spa management system. Simplify your spa’s bookings, scheduling, and payments with our all-in-one spa software.

  • Monitor all your spa’s activity through a unified dashboard 
  • Bookings, appointments, and payments all-in-one 
  • Create your customized calendar and ensure easy operations

Create your branded app

Give your customer an enhanced and user-friendly experience to book appointments through an easy-to-adapt branded app all within all-inclusive spa software. 

  • A personalized app that creates brand authenticity
  • Make appointments and payments anytime, anywhere
  • Transform your business effortlessly for good
Spa Software with Branded app
Provide all the ease your customers deserve

Award-winning spa software powering 500+ spas

Supporting spas all over the world

Easy payments all the way

A flexible spa management system that effortlessly connects with leading global processors. Seamlessly accept payments through Stripe, GoCardless, and PayTabs, whether on the mobile app or at your point of sale (POS). 

  • Fast and reliable payments
  • Globally accepted payment methods 
  • Ease of booking and payments from the mobile app
spa software with payment integration
Secure, faster, and smooth transaction
spa software to grow clients
Customer engagement is all that matters

Keep them coming back

Take your client management to new heights with a personalized touch within the spa management software. Stay in control of client information, preferences, and activities, ensuring a tailored approach that leaves a lasting impression.

  • Effortlessly automate email and SMS reminders
  • Keep them informed about upcoming appointments and exclusive promotions 
  • Never miss a beat in maintaining strong client relationships
Wellyx Spa software client feedback
I am absolutely thrilled with Wellyx Spa Software for my massage business; it has completely transformed how I handle the administrative aspects, and all for the better. Whenever I encountered any challenges beyond my expertise, their spa support team promptly responded quickly, providing invaluable assistance. I have been enthusiastically recommending Wellyx Spa Software to both clients and friends in search of such an efficient software system.

Emma Carter

Operations Director

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24/7 World Class Support

Continuous support through phone calls, emails, and support tickets, ensuring 24/7 personalized support at every stage.

Spa Software Priority Setup Assistance - icon

Priority Setup Assistance

We offer priority setup assistance as an inclusive service for spas with tight deadlines, ensuring they can operate smoothly.

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Unlimited Training Sessions

Unlimited training and ongoing support until you're comfortable. Regular growth consultations are included.

Spa Software Data Migration - icon

Data Migration

We handle the data migration process for you. Leave the hassles behind and focus on your salon.

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No Contracts

No long-term contracts. No signup or cancellation fees. Just one manageable subscription fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software is a cloud-based platform that helps spas save time and money and improve efficiency, offering all features you need to run your spa business efficiently with better customer experience and enhanced profitability.

Spa software offers a comprehensive spa software solution with all-in-one features, including membership management, scheduling, billing, reporting, and more.

Wellyx Spa Software’s efficient scheduling feature helps streamline appointment scheduling, staff allocation, and member bookings.

 Spa Software by Wellyx allows you and your staff to book recurring and one-time appointments per the available time slots and schedules without any limit. This feature comes with all our pricing plans offered.

We understand that every business requires a scalable solution that meets its growing needs. So, we have designed spa software to meet small and large-scale businesses’ needs efficiently.

Spa software supports franchise models with centralized management, efficiency, scalability, security, and support. It’s a great option for spa owners.

Sure! We offer a flexible plan-switching option that allows you to choose the plan that best suits your spa’s needs.

Spa software offers simple and transparent pricing for its software. For more information on our pricing plans, please visit our pricing page.

Spa software makes it easy to import customer data. It lets you quickly import customer information such as names, contact information, payments, and packages for seamless data transfer and continuity.

We are committed to protecting your data. We use strong security measures, such as encryption, access controls, and regular backups, to keep your data safe and confidential.
Our spa software helps you efficiently monitor and manage staff attendance records by providing a range of features, such as check-in systems, attendance reports, and staff activity tracking.
Sure! The software facilitates automated notifications and reminders, allowing customized and scheduled messages to improve communication and customer engagement.

You can provide your clients with the convenience of booking spa treatments and reserving their slots through our mobile app or client portal, which will improve their experience and enhance their engagement with your business.

Spa software allows you to go both ways. Toggling on the staff selection while booking lets your clients choose the desired staff member. However, you can keep the control of your staff in your hands too, when it comes to assigning spa treatment bookings.

Yes! With Wellyx Spa Software, we offer branded customer and staff apps to provide more ease to your customers for booking their spa treatments, buying products, or enjoying other spa services. The staff app gives you enough control over staff management and easy communication.

Spa software stands alone in offering unlimited customers and staff.

Yes. Please contact your account manager for more information. They will be happy to assist you.

Spa software helps you automate your marketing efforts by allowing you to set up predefined sequences of emails or messages to be sent to leads or customers at specific intervals. This helps you engage with your audience more effectively and personalize your communication.

Spa software does offer marketing automation for spa businesses. All plans include website integration, which allows you to sell your spa treatment packages, one-on-one sessions, events, and products online.

Spa software helps you keep customers coming back for more with features like customer engagement, personalized communication, targeted marketing campaigns, reward programs, and analytics.

Of course! Wellyx Spa Software can help you automate sales follow-ups and reminders, resulting in increased efficiency.

Our spa marketing automation feature enables you to analyze sales performance and conversion rates with comprehensive analytics and reporting. You can use insights to optimize sales strategies and improve business performance.

Our software integrates smoothly with popular payment gateways and merchant services such as Stripe, Go Cardless, and Paytabs, ensuring flexible and seamless payment processing.

We offer competitive rates for merchants in over 45 countries. Our platform accepts payments by credit card and ACH/direct debit. To find the rate for your country, please visit our merchant pricing page.

Sure, you can generate and send invoices directly to customers from the Wellyx Spa management software, which streamlines and simplifies the invoicing process.

Spa software makes it easier to track and manage payments, providing visibility into payment history and making it easier to resolve any outstanding payment issues.

Spa software  streamlines refund and cancellation management for spa owners, saving time and money for both customers and staff.

With our spa software promo code and loyalty program functionality, you can offer all kinds of promotions and rewards to keep your clients loyal and retained.
Our team of customer support specialists is available 24/7 to help you with the software setup process, providing onboarding training and ongoing support to ensure a smooth experience.

Yes, you can schedule a personalized demo of spa software to explore its powerful features.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a free trial for Wellyx Spa Software. However, to understand it better, you can schedule free demos to make the right decision for your spa business.

Of course! Our excellent customer support team is always available to help. We can assist you with setup, onboarding training, and support assistance 24/7.
Our software is intended to help you improve and expand your business operations effectively. While we understand that results may vary depending on individual circumstances and business models, we encourage you to contact our support team if you have any compatibility concerns.
We offer 24/7 support, so you can always count on us to be there for you when you need us.

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