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Lead management is easy now

Maximize conversions with our advanced lead management system. Streamline efficiency, seize opportunities, and unlock your spa’s full potential.

Wellyx Spa Software with lead management system
Lead Capture - icon

Lead Capture

Enhance your spa’s conversions with a captivating lead-capture process. Never miss a single lead.

Custom Lead Stages - icon

Custom Lead Stages

Efficiently categorize incoming leads based on their interest level and the potential value for sales.

Lead Based Reporting - icon

Lead Based Reporting

Turn data into actionable insights with our lead-based reporting, empowering informed decision-making.

Spa software with call dialer feature for spa management

Integrated call dialer

Connect with your team member or call your leads directly through our integrated call dialer feature. Connecting and making an inquiry is completely easy with this feature now.

Call Masking - icon

Call Masking

Improve your response rate by allowing you to recognize leads and answer calls from the spa’s main number.

1 Click Action - icon

1 Click Action

Maximize the efficiency of your sales interactions with a simple 1 click action.

Call Outcome Status - icon

Call Outcome Status

Segregate into levels to enhance your sales strategies and attain superior results.

Contact Management - icon

Contact Management

Ensure easy interactions and personalized experiences by maintaining a centralized database that includes comprehensive information, communication history, and personal notes.

Voicemail Integration - icon

Voicemail Integration

Effortlessly manage voicemail messages within the system, eliminating the need for separate platforms and simplifying the handling of messages.

Call Recording - icon

Call Recording

Empower your sales team to deliver exceptional conversations by capturing and reviewing calls for analysis, feedback, and performance improvement.

Sales Intelligence - icon

Sales Intelligence

Gain valuable insights into your prospects and accounts using our robust sales intelligence capabilities. This empowers you to personalize your outreach and effectively target for optimal results.

Lead Source Tracking - icon

Lead Source Tracking

Optimize your lead generation efforts, strategically allocate resources, and maximize your return on investment (ROI) with our lead source tracking feature.

Lead Nurturing Content - icon

Lead Nurturing Content

Automate lead nurturing with our customized email templates designed specifically for spa leads. Address their pain points and interests effectively, nurturing them towards conversion.

Stay one step ahead

Online sales systems provide a competitive edge, offering convenience and accessibility. Leads and customers can explore different package options, view pricing, and select products from home.

Spa software with Different spa packages options
VIP Spa Services icon

VIP Services

With advanced spa software, offer your premium customers a VIP service package.

Classes & Events - icon

Custom packages

You can create as many custom packages as you want to increase your sales.

Products - icon


Product purchasing is made easy, and enhance online experience with our all-inclusive solution.

Wellyx Spa software for Revenue making strategy for your spa

Advanced sales tools to win over customers

Optimize your sales processes and achieve unparalleled success with our comprehensive solution, which includes lead management, automated follow-ups, sales pipeline tracking, and performance analytics.

Automated Follow-ups - icon

Automated Follow-ups

Craft personalized journeys for your leads by leveraging a combination of email, SMS text, WhatsApp, and push notifications.

Sales Pipeline Management - icon

Sales Pipeline Management

Maximize sales efficiency by monitoring lead progress, identifying bottlenecks, and prioritizing high-priority leads for focused attention.

Performance Analytics Reporting - icon

Performance Analytics Reporting

Acquire valuable insights into your sales performance through robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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