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Spa software with online bookings built Exclusively for Spas

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Enhance your website’s experience by integrating our widget, enabling customers to explore your services and make bookings effortlessly.

Spa software with integrated booking widget
Make spa booking easier for your clients
Wellyx Spa software for User-friendly Spa booking
Seamless spa bookings, maximum revenue

Easy bookings and higher conversions

Effortlessly manage bookings with user-friendly spa software. Engage users, leads, and clients with customized online spa bookings, maximizing your revenue potential.

Wellyx Spa software for booking management

Take control with a simplified booking experience for your customers and leverage the built-in marketing tools to engage and attract new leads, and process easy payments while getting it all integrated with your website for the perfect experience.

Be super unique with customized pages

Highlight your spa’s special services. Craft enticing landing pages that showcase your brand’s value proposition and motivate visitors to engage.

Spa software with Unique customized pages
Create custom web pages for spa
Spa software with promotional campaigns and pop-ups
Attractive pop-up banners with special offers

Pop-up builder for unique reminders

Generate captivating pop-ups to showcase exclusive offers and promotional campaigns. Use spa software to enhance your marketing and win more customers. 

Wellyx Spa software client feedback

I honestly don’t know where my business would be without Wellyx Spa and the Wellyx Spa team! Every business meeting I have, I learn something new! Rebecca is just fabulous in every way! We have the best working relationship, and it’s always enjoyable to speak with her. I wouldn’t use any other company for my business bookings.

Isabella Martinez


Frequently Asked Questions

 Spa software’s online booking feature provides a one-stop shop for managing shifts, scheduling appointments, and services from a single location. This easy-to-use spa management software helps you save time.

Yes, your clients can reschedule or cancel their appointments using spa software’s online booking feature. You can create your own cancellation & reschedule policies and allow clients the flexibility to manage their appointments on the app.

Yes, you can communicate with your clients using Wellyx Spa software’s online booking feature. You can use the client portal to provide branded tools that allow your clients to make bookings, payments, and view their profile history.

Yes, you can reward your clients for spending at your spa using spa software’s online booking feature. Spa software’s frictionless reward and redeeming experience allow you to reward clients for spending at your spa.

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