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Operations tools Exclusively for Spas

Easily manage multiple enterprises

Efficiently coordinate multiple locations and franchise models with our enterprise software, providing intelligent management capabilities. 

Spa software to handle Multiple franchise at multiple locations
Comprehensive Scheduler - icon

Comprehensive Scheduler

Easily manage schedules, bookings, and resources by utilizing our centralized system, ensuring efficient management.

Track your Inventory - icon

Track Your Inventory

Effectively manage your inventory needs, ensuring availability and optimizing resource allocation to stay on top.

Manage Your Leads & Members - icon

Manage Your Leads

Improve your lead nurturing strategies with our intuitive system designed for exceptional relationship management.

Wellyx Spa software with Advanced Reporting system for spa

Advanced reporting

A powerful tracking of key metrics, analyzing trends, and making data-driven decisions to optimize operations, enhance engagement, and fuel overall growth.

Waiting Lists – 2 - icon

24/7 Access Control

Our 24/7 access control system is all you need for enhanced security and convenience.

Online Widget Bookings – 1 - icon

Digital Forms & Waivers

Streamline your processes by transitioning from traditional paper forms to digital forms and waivers.

App Based Purchases – 1 - icon

Mobile Apps

Boost engagement and convenience by offering dedicated mobile apps.

Analytic & Conversion Data - icon

Analytic & Conversion Data

Obtain valuable insights into customer behavior and effectively measure the impact of your strategies.

Attendance Tracking - icon

Attendance Tracking

Easily monitor attendance, efficiently manage appointment capacities, and easily streamline the check-in processes.

facility-rental icon

Facility & Asset Rental

Streamline the process of renting out spa facilities and assets while maximizing revenue opportunities.

GEO Tagging - icon

GEO Tagging

Efficiently track and manage your staff members' locations, facilitating effective task assignments and optimizing productivity.

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program - icon

Easy-to-operate Loyalty Program

Implement a user-friendly loyalty program that rewards and incentivizes clients, fostering their loyalty.

Google Calendar Integration - icon

Google Calendar Integration

Sync with Google Calendar, allowing coordination and easy access to your spa’s activities.

Enjoy unlimited customizations

Wellyx Spa offers unlimited customizations to fit your spa’s specific needs and preferences, providing flexible plan options that align perfectly with your goals.

Spa software with Unlimited customizations
VIP Spa Services icon

VIP Services

Provide your premium customers with an exclusive VIP service package, the way you want.

Classes & Events - icon

Custom Packages

Maximize your sales by generating unlimited custom packages tailored to your preferences.

Product Management - icon


With our comprehensive solution, product purchasing becomes effortless, enhancing your online retail experience.

Wellyx Spa software for Enhance spa operations

All-inclusive POS system

Maximize sales opportunities and create a seamless retail experience for your customers and staff with our valuable point-of-sale tool.

Membership Benefits - icon

Customer Benefits

Enhance customer experience with exclusive benefits easily managed within our software.

Refunds & Tips - icon

Refunds & Tips

Enable smooth financial transactions and exceptional customer service.

Your spa, Your Hardware - icon

Your Spa, Your Hardware

Enjoy device compatibility with your preferred hardware that aligns with your needs.

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