Simplified scheduling made possible

Spa software with scheduling system built Exclusively for Spas

Complexity is no more

You can manage all the schedules with the spa scheduler on a single desktop screen. You can assign appointments to specific staff and monitor the overall operations with excessive convenience.
Spa software with Simplified team management and scheduling
Keep all your staff in the loop
Wellyx Spa software with Auto-scheduling for your spa
Embrace one-click work scheduling

Thanks to auto-scheduling

Generate the work schedule with just one click using the auto-scheduling feature of the spa scheduling software. You only need to create the necessary shifts, and the software will schedule them automatically for you—consequently, less effort and less time consumption.
Spa Software with scheduler

Get easy scheduling for your staff and customers the way you want with online scheduling software for the spa. You can automate various aspects of scheduling and reduce the overall effort and time you put into managing your spa’s operations.

Provide your team the ease of drag & drop

Your customer can schedule using the online widget or custom app, utilizing the ease of drag and drop feature. With the help of the spa scheduling app, your customers can easily rearrange their bookings and schedules.
Wellyx Spa software with Drag & drop booking management
Rescheduling and cancellation of appointments made effortless
spa software with efficient spa scheduling
Let clients book desired professional

Ease of scheduling with the favorite massage therapist

Customers can get a specific massage with their favorite therapist when they book through the online widget or the branded app provided by the spa scheduling software. It gives your customers enormous satisfaction and mental peace as they will be in control while scheduling. It will save your customers time while speeding up the entire process.
Wellyx spa software customer feedback
We made the switch to Wellyx Spa from another provider, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision, as Wellyx Spa offers a more comprehensive range of valuable options! James from the Wellyx Spa team has been incredibly supportive in setting up and ensuring everything runs seamlessly. His prompt responses and efficient resolution of any issues have been highly appreciated. The team at Wellyx Spa is brilliant! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!!!

Benjamin Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, spa software is cloud-based, allowing you to access and make changes to your schedule from any device with an internet connection.

Yes, spa software offers automated reminder notifications to help reduce no-shows and keep clients informed about their appointments booking.

Yes, spa software lets you easily track and manage employee schedules, ensuring efficient service allocation and optimization.

Definitely, spa software provides comprehensive reporting features to help you track and analyze key performance metrics for your spa.

Yes, Wellyx Spa is designed to support multi-location spas, allowing you to efficiently manage and coordinate schedules across different branches.

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