Resonate and build authenticity

Spa software with custom mobile apps builtExclusively for Spas

Authenticity for the win

People tend to buy a service more from an authentic service provider. Your spa management app builds that authenticity, allowing you to win many new customers. 

Spa software with Spa management app
Give your spa customers the freedom with mobiles app
Wellyx Spa software with with dedicated spa mobile customer app
Elevate the spa experience for your customers

Simplified user experience

With the spa software’s mobile app, customers gain greater control and a simplified experience, boosting retention while fostering a positive experience.

Spa Software with online booking system

All at one place, with all ease, while building an authentic brand identity and giving an ultimate user experience to your customers. An all-inclusive app with the possibilities of bookings, QR codes, automated payments, and much more.

Easy access with mobile app

Eliminate key fobs, key cards, and tags, allowing customers to access your spa on their terms conveniently.

Spa software with mobile app for effective user experience
Controlled facility access made convenient
Wellyx Spa software with Cost-effective spa management app
Branded apps for enhanced brand exposure for your spa

Fully functional with the best customer experience

With no additional cost, get a fully functional app with continuous updates and a perfect user experience.

Wellyx Spa software client feedback
I am absolutely thrilled with Wellyx Spa for my massage business; it has completely transformed how I handle the administrative aspects, and all for the better. Whenever I encountered any challenges beyond my expertise, their support team promptly responded within a day, providing invaluable assistance. I have been enthusiastically recommending Wellyx Spa to both clients and friends in search of such an efficient system.
Emma Carter
Operations Director

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