Simplify operations with easy transactions

Spa software with POS system built Exclusively for Spas

Simplified payment process

Centralize all your payments using a unified spa POS system integrated in the spa software, allowing you to oversee online, mobile, and front-desk transactions. 

Spa software with Centralized pos system
Take payments from anywhere
Spa software for Single screen revenue tracking and monitoring
View each customer's data easily

Track & monitor from a single screen

Obtain instant access to each customer’s payment history, effectively monitor your revenue with intelligent reports, and effortlessly identify sales trends.

Spa software with Point of Sale

Put your spa’s operations on automation while accepting tips, gift cards, and usage of promo codes to boost your revenue.

Manage & monitor your stock

Get complete control over your inventory across all locations, enabling you to conduct audits, track product usage swiftly, streamline order management, and automate essential processes. 

Spa software with Stock management for spa
Fully integrated with your spa inventory
Spa software point of sale with flexible payment methods
Access anywhere through the cloud

Access your POS from anywhere

Due to our cloud-based spa software, you will have complete freedom to access it at your convenience, allowing you to work effectively from anywhere. 

Wellyx Spa software client feedback
Wellyx Spa has been an incredible booking software for my small spa business. Unlike many other booking software companies, they continually introduce enhancements to enrich the platform without imposing a monthly subscription fee. Their customer service level is outstanding, and they are always available to address any inquiries. I am delighted with my decision to try Wellyx Spa, and I doubt I’ll ever consider switching to another platform.

Michael Turner


Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software’s point of sale supports multiple payment methods for convenient and secure transactions, including Stripe, GoCardless & Paytabs.

Sure, you can. Spa software offers promo codes and loyalty program management features to let you enable your clients to redeem their rewards and stay loyal to your spa.

Spa sofware’s POS system offers extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing spa owners to gain valuable insights into their business operations. With this feature, you can easily track and monitor various aspects of your spa, such as sales performance, customer behavior, and inventory management.

Yes, spa software provides customization options to tailor the system to your spa’s requirements. Get in touch with our customer support team for further information.

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