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Spa software with marketing automation builtExclusively for Spas

Market your services with complete automation

Automate your spa marketing campaigns to target many prospects and manage it all in a single spa software with an easy interface.

Wellyx Spa software with Automated Spa and Marketing Success
Spread your words, broaden your spa reach
Spa software with sms campaigns management
Personalized communication to win more customers for your spa

High engagement, high conversion

Now engagement with prospects and customers is easy with the help of personalized communications and complete marketing automation.

Spa Software for advertising solution

Gain a competitive advantage with powerful spa software while gaining valuable insights such as Open rate, CTR, and total conversions rate through a specified campaign.

Every marketing tool you need

You get everything in a single spa software, allowing you to reach your existing and new customers simply and effectively.

Spa software with All-In-One spa marketing solution
Seamless spa marketing made simpler
Wellyx Spa software with marketing tactics
Strategize spa marketing campaigns for success

Smart decisions lead to more conversions

Analyze and optimize your spa marketing strategies with metrics, client feedback, and detailed reports. Spa software will do all the smart work for you. 

Wellyx Spa software client feedback

I honestly don’t know where my business would be without Wellyx Spa and the Wellyx Spa team! Every business meeting I have, I learn something new! Rebecca is just fabulous in every way! We have the best working relationship, and it’s always enjoyable to speak with her. I wouldn’t use any other company for my business bookings.

Isabella Martinez


Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software offers integrated marketing tools like email, SMS, social media, and referral programs to boost sales and customer engagement. Targeted campaigns, personalized messages, and increased brand visibility are just a few benefits.

Spa software’s marketing automation lets you market and sell packages, products, and services to potential customers with ease. Attract, engage, cultivate, and convert more leads into loyal customers.

Spa software’s automation software tracks marketing campaign effectiveness, helping you sell spa packages, products, and services to customers in the most suitable manner, time, and location.

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