Spa membership software to ease out your processes

Spa software with customized packages built Exclusively for Spas

Create customized memberships

Create unlimited customized packages within the spa memberships management software with various payment options to enhance your member’s experience because an excellent user experience matters the most.
Spa software with Customized spa packages
Create custom packages
Wellyx Spa software with Streamlined spa payments solution
Manage, monitor, and streamline all offerings

Put all effort into scaling your spa

Let the spa software with membership handle all the hassle of managing packages and monitoring customers’ activities and payments. You can ensure your customer’s delight!
wellyx spa software for optimizing membership management

Easy accessibility, effective tracking, happy customers, and more revenue are all possible with spa membership software. Create customized packages, automate recurring payments, and monitor everything with the simple-to-use membership tracking system for the spa.

Easily create fixed packages

For your benefit, you can create a fixed package using spa membership software, as it allows you to sell your services that have been pre-decided in a fixed amount so your clients have a complete idea about the details of your service. You can even change it as per your client’s requirement to ensure maximum satisfaction.
Spa software with Customize spa packages with ease
Offer what your customers prefer
Wellyx Spa software and Manage spa bookings with flexibility
Let customers manage their profiles

Enhance customer loyalty with spa membership programs

Grabbing new customers is one challenge, but keeping them returning is another. Spa membership software helps you in making this challenge easy. It allows you to create spa membership programs and customize them per your preferences and needs to foster customer loyalty and increase retention.
Wellyx spa software customer feedback
We made the switch to Wellyx Spa from another provider, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision, as Wellyx Spa offers a more comprehensive range of valuable options! James from the Wellyx Spa team has been incredibly supportive in setting up and ensuring everything runs seamlessly. His prompt responses and efficient resolution of any issues have been highly appreciated. The team at Wellyx Spa is brilliant! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!!!

Benjamin Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software allows you to provide recurring payment options for your spa packages and memberships, making it easy for customers to pay monthly or recurring. You can also configure upfront payment options for packages or long-term memberships, allowing customers to pay in advance.

Yes, spa software allows you to edit and add desired products or services to your memberships and packages on the demand of your clients.

Definitely, spa software’s membership and package management system provides an intuitive dashboard and real-time data analytics for tracking the usage of different packages and memberships offered by the respective spa business.

You can cancel your customers’ memberships or packages anytime with spa software. 

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