Manage effectively, grow tremendously

Spa software with lead management built Exclusively for Spas

No more unattended leads

Design forms using the inbuilt editor and organize collected data effectively with spa software. Create segmented lists for targeted marketing campaigns and take advantage of every lead.

Spa software with Optimized spa lead utilization
Convert every lead into a regular client
Spa software for Monitor lead performance
Track from lead to regular customer

Monitor every lead

You can allocate leads to specific campaigns while acquiring detailed reports on each campaign’s performance. Use spa software for lead management to precisely understand successful strategies and pinpoint areas for improvement. 

Wellyx Spa software to manage lead sales

When lead management is simplified, conversions become automatic, and it is entirely possible with our easy-to-use spa software. It is filled with all the helpful tools to convert your every lead effectively.

Easily communicate, easily engage

Plan out customized communication and engagement strategies and implement them through app notifications, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and emails.

Spa software with multi channel Customer engagement
Seamless communication for strong bonding and improved retention
Wellyx Spa software with lead analytics
Real-time insights for informed decisions

Get all the valuable insights you need

Identify successful strategies and areas of improvement with valuable insights and analytics tracking the performance of every campaign with upright sales lead management with spa software.

Wellyx Spa software client feedback
Wellyx Spa has been an incredible booking software for my small spa business. Unlike many other booking software companies, they continually introduce enhancements to enrich the platform without imposing a monthly subscription fee. Their customer service level is outstanding, and they are always available to address any inquiries. I am delighted with my decision to try Wellyx Spa, and I doubt I’ll ever consider switching to another platform.

Michael Turner


Frequently Asked Questions

With spa software’s lead management feature, you can keep track of your sales team’s performance and conversion rates using a sales funnel. Additionally, you have the ability to customize metrics specifically for the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries.

The lead management software offered by spa software is designed to gather leads from various sources such as your website, branded app, and widget. These leads are then organized in your sales pipeline, and you can also set up automatic follow-up notifications.

Wellyx Spa’s software lets you connect with leads via SMS or email. Keep track of all interactions and schedule appointments with ease.

Spa software can help you convert leads into lifelong customers with just one click. It also allows you to track every aspect of your sales cycle to make informed decisions.

Spa software offers lead management, point-of-sale , payment processing, and more to enhance your business and customer satisfaction. Let us help you create a superior experience.

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