Sell more with customizable gift cards

Spa software with gift cards system built Exclusively for Spas

All done through AI

Our spa software leverages AI technology to produce distinctive and secure gift card numbers, guaranteeing efficiency and eliminating the possibility of duplication.

Spa software with digital gift card system
Easy-to-create gift cards
Wellyx Spa software for customized gift card
Personal gift cards with personal messages

Personalization all the way

Add the images, prices, and personalized msgs, the way you want with complete ease. Your customers love a personal touch, and you can do it all efficiently.  

Spa Software with Gift Cards

Simplify purchases with engaging gift cards while tracking them with AI-generated numbers that empower security. You can set selling limits and customize activations and expiry dates.

Enhance your brand value

Utilize spa software’s personalized gift card templates to impress customers. Encourage loyal customers to buy for others, ultimately increasing your brand’s value. 

Spa software with Gift card for spa customers
Gift, impress, elevate, repeat, thrive
Spa Software with gift card transaction monitoring System
Take charge of everything about gift cards

Keep yourself informed all the time

Easily track gift card usage, balances, and transaction history, ensuring efficient management with the help of the most effective gift card feature of spa software. 

Wellyx Spa software client feedback

I honestly don’t know where my business would be without Wellyx Spa and the team! Every business meeting I have, I learn something new! Rebecca is just fabulous in every way! We have the best working relationship, and it’s always enjoyable to speak with her. I wouldn’t use any other company for my business bookings.

Isabella Martinez


Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software allows you to easily generate e-gift cards, which can be sent directly to recipients via email.

Your website or a dedicated gift card page, integrated with spa software, provides a convenient and secure online platform for your clients to purchase gift cards.

You bet! Wellyx Spa offers a wide range of gift card designs and themes. Customers can choose from pre-designed templates or select a theme that best suits their preferences or events.

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