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Spa software with access control built Exclusively for Spas

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Suppose your spa is built in a greater vicinity, just like a hotel or resort, and facing problems in providing automation when your clients want to opt for spa services. In that case, the spa software with access control software is your ultimate solution. 

Wellyx Spa software with instant access to main facility entrance
Spa bliss, managed with precision
Spa Software with Door Access Control

Access everything with few clicks and from anywhere you want. You can easily configure specific access levels throughout your facility and can gain valuable insights.

Your staff will love it

Get rid of the manual hassle of daily monitoring your staff’s activity and acquire complete automation while providing ease to your staff and yourself. 

Spa software with Automated staff monitoring for enhanced efficiency
Track staff attendance and activity with ease
Wellyx Spa software client feedback
Wellyx Spa has been an incredible booking software for my small spa business. Unlike many other booking software companies, they continually introduce enhancements to enrich the platform without imposing a monthly subscription fee. Their customer service level is outstanding, and they are always available to address any inquiries. I am delighted with my decision to try Wellyx Spa, and I doubt I’ll ever consider switching to another platform.

Michael Turner


Frequently Asked Questions

An access control system for your spa is important for safety, security, and customer experience. It restricts access to certain areas, monitors entry/exit, and creates a professional environment.

Yes, spa software does offer the hardware for the access control system. For further information, you should contact our support team or your account manager.

The Wellyx Spa management software has the capability to seamlessly integrate with different types of door systems, including strike locks or turnstiles that you may already have in place.

Staff and clients with access authorization can use their mobile apps, fobs, or NFC cards, to unlock doors. This provides flexibility, allowing individuals to choose the method that works best for them.

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