Inventory tracking in one place with complete automation

Spa software with inventory tracking built Exclusively for Spas

Updated inventory always

Stay informed with automated notifications to identify famous and poor-performing products. Perfect spa software allows you to order the correct quantity to meet customers’ demands. 

Spa software for inventory management
Track every item of your spa
Spa software online integration with pos for Spa inventory management
Maintain the right stock levels

Online integration with POS

Manage stock levels and sync inventory across platforms and locations with a built-in inventory management system in  the spa software. Inventory management integration into the POS helps you fully automate your inventory processes. 

Spa software Data Driven Inventory Management for Your Spa

Improve your inventory intelligence and use real-time data to make informed decisions. Gain valuable insights that enable you to optimize your inventory management while enhancing your overall decision-making process.

Manage from a single screen for multiple branches

Quickly reallocate inventory as needed from a single screen for every branch. Manage, monitor, and update inventory across multiple locations with complete ease. 

Spa software for business management
Multi-branch spa inventory mastery
spa software for managing inventory and supplier
Manage, track, & maintain your spa's inventory

Easily manage all the orders

Leverage a centralized platform to manage spa suppliers and their information, fostering stronger connections and efficient inventory management. Easily access supplier details, track orders, and streamline communication.

Wellyx Spa software client feedback
I am absolutely thrilled with Wellyx Spa for my massage business; it has completely transformed how I handle the administrative aspects, and all for the better. Whenever I encountered any challenges beyond my expertise, their support team promptly responded within a day, providing invaluable assistance. I have been enthusiastically recommending Wellyx Spa to both clients and friends in search of such an efficient system.
Emma Carter
Operations Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Spa software’s inventory management provides a comprehensive solution for all your inventory needs. With features integrated into the POS, customer portal, and branded app, you can easily streamline your inventory processes, monitor low stock levels, and synchronize inventory across different platforms and locations.

Yes, whether you have a few branches or hundreds, spa software’s inventory tracking system enables you to have a synchronized view of inventory levels and reordering requirements across all your locations. It also allows for easy reallocation of inventory between locations as needed.

Yes, you can integrate Wellyx Spa inventory management software with your POS system. By having inventory management built into the POS, customer portal, and app, you can streamline your inventory processes and ensure accurate stock levels across all platforms and locations.

Yes, tracking deliveries and invoices is a breeze with spa software. You can easily create and approve purchase orders, track deliveries and invoices, and have complete visibility and traceability of every purchase from delivery to sale.

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