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Spa software with loyalty program built Exclusively for Spas

Customer delight is everything

Create delight with personalized offers, exclusive discounts, and VIP access for your loyal customers while enhancing their overall user experience. 

Spa software for engaging customer with reward point system
Motivate your customers
Spa software with Referral program for spa
Make customers earn and redeem reward points the way you want

Encourage them to earn loyalty points

Drive customer engagement with a referral program, rewarding them with loyalty points for bringing friends, family, or colleagues to the spa.

Spa software with Reward Program

Plan a loyalty program to win your clients over time. You can incentivize referrals, track rewards, and gain valuable insights through intuitive dashboards and reports.

Tracking made easy

Track and view customers’ reward points and history to promote awareness of achievements and sustain their engagement with your spa.

Wellyx Spa software with Tracking of customers
Effortless rewards and redemption tracking
Spa software with Reward System for retaining customer
Engage, reward, and retain your customers

Give them rewards to retain

Allow them to earn rewards at their every visit and later endorse them to redeem those rewards through the branded app, online store, and POS to get discounts with all-in-one spa software. 

Wellyx Spa software client feedback
Wellyx Spa has been an incredible booking software for my small spa business. Unlike many other booking software companies, they continually introduce enhancements to enrich the platform without imposing a monthly subscription fee. Their customer service level is outstanding, and they are always available to address any inquiries. I am delighted with my decision to try Wellyx Spa, and I doubt I’ll ever consider switching to another platform.

Michael Turner


Frequently Asked Questions

The spa software allows you to offer your customers the convenient option of redeeming their earned points. This feature encourages them to engage more with your spa and return for future treatments.

Absolutely, this feature allows you to personalize reward programs for every spa package. This ensures your clients receive rewards that precisely match their preferences and objectives.

With the spa software’s points-based system, you can motivate your spa clients to remain committed to their wellness journey while enhancing their overall spa experience.

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