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A seamless customer experience Exclusively for Spas

Easily achieve customer delight

Get all your operations, including access control, payment, booking, etc., sorted and put them on automation with Wellyx Spa software so you can pay attention to the actual work; that is excellent customer service.

Spa software with Access Control System
Waiting Lists - icon

Waiting Lists

Never miss out on an available spot with our automated system that notifies customers whenever openings become available.

Express Bookings - icon

Express Bookings

Instantly secure preferred appointments, providing customers with a hassle-free reservation experience.

Split Payments - icon

Split Payments

Enable split payments to provide flexible payment options for your clients.

Multiple Payment Methods - icon

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer flexible payment options through multiple channels providing your customer with complete ease.

Easy Reschedule Options - icon

Easy Reschedule Options

Enable customers to reschedule their bookings through their online profiles easily.

Branded Apps - icon

Branded Apps

Meet all your unique needs with a personalized mobile application.

Member Specific Offers - icon

Specific Offers

Make specific offers for your customers, encompassing special massages and customized services.

Automatic Refunds - icon

Automatic Refunds

Simplify the refund process to showcase your dedication to exceptional customer service.

Partial Payments - icon

Partial Payments

Enable installment payments for added convenience for your customers.

Wellyx Spa software for Customer satisfaction in spa

Offer a variety of services

Efficiently manage and provide diverse services, including specific massages, VIP services, bookings, and products, all within a single platform for easy operations. 


Online Widget Bookings

For enhanced user experience enable online booking with a website widget.


App-Based Purchases

Provide them ease and let them pay directly through their mobile phones.


Family & Friends

Simplify payments by linking multiple payment methods for family and friends.

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