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Spa software with promo codes built Exclusively for Spas

Create item-level promo codes

Easily create item-level promotions with our spa software, offering exclusive deals on selected merchandise, packages, and sessions to entice additional purchases.

Spa software with Promo code for every single item on spa
Unlock exclusive deals, boost sales
Wellyx Spa software with Sale promo codes
Unleash special discounts with promo power

Create sale-level promo codes

Offer site-wide discounts, percentage off on all purchases, or fixed-amount discounts; our spa software allows you to implement them effortlessly.

Spa software and Dynamic Promo Codes for Your Spa

Create various promo codes to convert excessively, such as the sale or item level, and you can create exciting BOGO offers to enhance your sales drastically.

Buy one, get one for the win

Promote community and attract new customers by incentivizing referrals or purchases with complimentary massages, extra services, and attractive perks. 

Wellyx Spa software with Buy one, get one free promo code
Buy one, get one promotions
Spa software with promo codes
Convert & conquer with Wellyx Spa

We help you strategize well

Never lose any of your prospects and get maximum conversion with the unique and practical strategy of using promo codes at the right time. Spa software helps you do that really well.

Wellyx spa software customer feedback
We made the switch to Wellyx Spa from another provider, and it turned out to be a fantastic decision, as Wellyx Spa offers a more comprehensive range of valuable options! James from the Wellyx Spa team has been incredibly supportive in setting up and ensuring everything runs seamlessly. His prompt responses and efficient resolution of any issues have been highly appreciated. The team at Wellyx Spa is brilliant! I wholeheartedly recommend their services!!!

Benjamin Lee


Frequently Asked Questions

Using spa software, you can create 3 major types of promo codes, including item level, sales level, and buy one, get one (BOGO). Spa software allows you to go the way you want, offer discounts, or reward your clients with customized promo codes.

Yes, you can set purchase restrictions while setting up a promo code, depending on whom you allow to use the promo code. For example, you can allow promo code redemption for leads only. All other buyers will not be able to use the promo code.

It always depends on the type of promo code you are creating. If you want to create a Sale Level promo code, it will be applicable to the whole cart. However, if you are creating an Item Level promo code, it will be applicable on specific items only.

You can create as many promo codes as you need using the spa software without any restrictions.

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