Medical spa software

Do you want a way to put your medical spa ahead of the competition? The solution that Wellyx provides is medical spa software that’s advanced. Every feature that is needed to make it work, it will have them, plus more for increased profits in your medspa business.

Achieve maximum with automated marketing campaigns

Doing outreach marketing is proving difficult for you in order to reach as many clients as possible for your Medical Spa. Let Wellyx’s medical spa software fly your marketing efforts while doing more efficient campaigns in less time.

  • Effectively deliver customized messages to customers, thereby making them feel special and loyal.
  • Identify, organize, and formulate promising opportunities through data collection in order to get relevant leads.
  • Regularly assess each marketing campaign’s performance in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Create tailored marketing approaches that work best for the target audience to improve sales numbers.

Optimize your med spa’s inventory management

It is not easy to manage supplies in a medical spa. Ensure that you have a decent stock of the important stuff, but don’t overspend. Med Spa Software by Wellyx saves the day.

  • Your inventory is being monitored to notify you of reduced supplies. Bye-bye, you will never run out of important spa merchandise.
  • Specific monitoring of inventory is useful in helping to avoid overstocking, which means unnecessary spending and increased wastage.
  • Good supplies make it possible for you to consistently satisfy your client’s requirements, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty towards you.
  • All the modern POS systems can be integrated for improved effective inventory tracking.

Ensured convenience for staff and clients through mobile app

Today, a mobile app is imperative for you to remain connected to your customers. It enables your clients to be booked, purchase products, and handle their profiles. Wellyx custom apps for Med spa software also make your staff’s life easier.

  • The mobile app will enable clients to book appointments, receive updates, and engage with your spa.
  • It saves time for both staff and clients as they only have to tap just to schedule appointments and get important information.
  • This provides a smoother experience for clients in that they do not need calls or visits to reach spa services.
  • Your med spa staff is enabled to keep tabs on their tasks and make schedules.

Appointment scheduling and booking made easier

Do you encounter difficulties in increasing the bookings of your med spa? All your problems are solved by Wellyx’s med spa software. It eases your clients to book their desired treatments and massages whenever and from anywhere.

  • Scheduling and booking treatments for the client are easy through the widget, spa app, and website.
  • It has easy and simple inter-team communication, which ensures that your staff is always in the loop.
  • The ability to cancel or reschedule booked sessions depending on the convenience of clients or staff.
  • This decreases the no-shows and helps medical spas maintain full booking of the facilities at all times to realize maximum income.

Maximize your lead conversions for enhanced sales

Lead management and tracking are key to a business’s success in the market. Some medical spas fail because of poor lead management. The lead management software for medical spa of Wellyx is proficient for helping companies to control everything from capturing leads to converting them to loyal clients.

  • Ensure that communication is smooth, giving you the ability to schedule calls and email or SMS messages with clients.
  • It allows you to view everything about your sales cycle in order to make sound decisions.
  • Change your approach to customer outreach and sales funnel.
  • Its intuitive dashboard will give you all the statistics and insights you need to make informed reach-out plans in the near future.
Medical spa software

Maximize your medical spa’s gains with Wellyx’s medical spa software

Retain your loyal clients for the maximum time

As far as long-lasting client loyalty is concerned, incentivizing clients is what always pays. Providing a loyalty scheme in terms of several benefits for the clients on recurring business is always beneficial when it comes to keeping your customers around. The loyalty program management system in Wellyx’s medical spa software is an excellent tool that assists in increasing customer retention.

  • Develop specific incentives for the customers, enticing them to come back and use spa services.
  • Make it easy for clients to redeem reward points.
  • Assess program progress and determine which stimulus helps to keep the clients.
  • Ensuring that your medical spa clients remain your customers for life is critical, as it can be achieved by implementing loyalty programs.

Simplified gifting for your clients to bring more people in

Would you want your customers to invite their beloved ones? One of the useful solutions is offering tailor-made gift cards at custom prices. Wellyx’s medical spa software system with gift card management instruments makes gifting easier through special functions for gift cards.

  • Provide customers with a convenient method to treat their loved ones, create, sell, and redeem gift cards.
  • Gift cards will be available in all channels like POS systems, widgets, online stores, and med spa mobile app.
  • The provision of gift cards enables clients to convey the feeling of your spa products and ultimately boosts their experience.
  • Gift cards are considered pre-sold services hence, more returns and high revenues for your spa sales.

Customized promo codes for enhanced customer satisfaction

Encourage your clients to visit the spa more often and spend more using custom promo codes. Wellyx’s medi spa management software, with a user-friendly promo code feature, allows you to run your promotional campaigns as you wish.

  • Offer unique promotions that are different for different occasions and bring in even more customers.
  • It gives you the freedom of giving various promotional codes from buy one get one (BOGO), item level, and sale level.
  • Personalized discounts promote client loyalty, making them more likely to return.
  • You can measure the performance of a promo code and make data-driven decisions based on the data to improve your marketing strategies.

Fulfill your social corporate responsibility using digital forms and waivers

If you appreciate a sustainable environment, you must also be practicing paperless data collection and forms for your medical spa. Wellyx’s medical spa software enables you to go paperless and comes with several benefits.

  • Digital forms help to manage all your affairs and reduce your spa clutter easily.
  • They are easy to fill and store and are smoother for staff and clients.
  • Digital forms are important in protecting client information and in maintaining privacy.
  • They are readily available, hence improving customer service and spa efficiency.

Video-on-demand (VOD) for virtual clients

Upgrade your spa’s services by using Wellyx’s video-on-demand (VOD) feature. It gives the clients entertainment while they are having their appointments.

  • VOD is the process of watching movies, shows, or educative content that makes the client’s stay more enjoyable.
  • Satisfying clients not only increases the possibility of return clients but also referrals to other clients, which in turn increases your business.
  • It results in retention and revenue generation because clients do not forget the positive impression created by VOD.
  • Happy clients can become brand advocates, attracting new clients to your spa.
Medical spa software in USA

Dedicated point of sale (POS) system for your medical spa

To streamline payment processing, manage transactions effectively, and boost your medical spa’s financial operations, leverage Wellyx’s user-friendly and secure POS system.

  • Easily process payments on any channel.
  • Effortlessly link with payment gateways like PayTabs, GoCardless, and Stripe.
  • Enable easy payments of customers through the app and POS.
  • Simplify inventory management for smooth spa operation.

Advanced access control for enhanced security

Wellyx’s Access Control features will ensure the safety of sensitive data and protect your medical spa’s premises.

  • Customize access permissions for your staff to authorized areas only.
  • Secure client data and valuable supplies by regulating access.
  • Improve client privacy and add extra security.
  • Provide security access control to ensure only authorized personnel can enter secure areas and improve safety.

No more empty slots at your medical spa

Wellyx’s waitlist management software for med spas ensures that appointment slots are never vacant, thus reducing customer frustration and improving overall client satisfaction.

  • Manage the work in such a way that the customer will be served timely.
  • Notify clients of their appointment status while in real-time, thereby avoiding no-shows.
  • Experience: Improve spa experience to minimize customer frustration.
  • Optimize your spa’s sales and customer satisfaction by effectively managing the waiting list.

Streamlined facility rental management

Generate additional revenue by renting extra space for meetings and events. Wellyx’s facility rental software makes it so easy.

  • Ensure bookings are recorded, schedules followed, and the payments made correctly, without double bookings.
  • Leverage vacant space to generate additional revenue.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your clients by managing access to your spa’s rented spaces.
  • Increase revenue and business opportunities by fully utilizing available spa areas.

Get branded mobile apps to enhance client engagement

Branded mobile apps from Wellyx to keep in touch with your customers, personalize services to customers, and improve customer engagement.

  • The application will allow clients to make appointments, get notifications, and communicate with your spa.
  • Clients can receive spa services without making calls or visiting people, saving time for both the staff and clients.
  • Mobile apps are also another avenue for personalized marketing campaigns.
  • Reach clients on the way to boost their loyalty and retention.

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